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Mumbai – Register a Firm or Company


This procedure explains various ways to Register a Firm or Company in Mumbai.

Apply Through Online:

  1. As a first step, please Check for name availability.
  2. Applicant shall use the link here to check for company name: Please follow the screen prompt and hit search to check for company name. Applicant has to check with different name combination, if the provided name is already registered.
  3. Once the name is available, then download form for applying.
  4. Forms can be downloaded using the following link:
  5. Applicant can access the online services in clarifying any of his doubts in applying for registration of firm.
  6. Applicant shall use the link here for options to help in registering the firm: In the given page, select MCA SERVICES menu. This menu has list of options to cater applicant’s requirement. Please choose the required services online.
  7. Applicant shall register with registrar of companies.
  8. Link for contact details:

Apply Online through State Portal:

  1. To register a firm visit the official website:
  2. In the given page, user has to complete the requirements like, completing the details as prompted and hit register to get next session.
  3. Here, fill the details for Form, upload documents and make payment for the process.
  4. Once the above steps are complete, user get application number for the online submission. Keep it safe for future reference.
  5. This application will be processed further.
  6. User can find the status of his application online by logging in again.
  7. Notification about the progress or requirement of additional details will be sent to applicant through sms or email.
  8. All verification and checking of provided details are satisfactory, applicant receives notification for issuance of certificate.

Apply Through Company Secretary/Lawyer/Charted Accountant:

  1. Company or firm registration can be initiated with the help of a Company Secretary/Lawyer/Charted Accountant.
  2. In registering the company, one has to make sure that the name proposed has not already been used or applied for registration.
  3. Digital signature certificate for the director of the proposed firm has to be acquired.
  4. Then Acquire Director Identification Number (DIN).
  5. Filing an e-Form or New user registration.
  6. Finally Incorporation of the company is done.
  7. Applicant will get MOA and certificate.


Required Documents:

  • PAN Card issued by the Income Tax department as an Identity proof
  • One address proof
  • Two Passport Size photos
  • Document evidencing payment of fee
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Copy of agreement if any, which the proposed company wishes to enter into with any individual for appointment as its managing or whole-time director or manager
  • Forms can be downloaded using the following link:
  • Form 18
  • Form 32 (except for section 25 company) & Form 29 (only in case of public companies)
  • Power of Attorney from subscribers
  • Letter from Registrar of Companies making names available
  • No objection letters from Directors/Promoters
  • Requisite fees either in cash or demand draft
  • Aadhaar card
  • In general
    • A partnership deed has to be created with a mutual understanding between the partners.
    • The deed has to be printed on a stamp paper of Rs. 500/-
    • Payment of stamp duty
    • The document has to be signed by all the partners with witnesses on the last page

Office Locations & Contacts:


Registrar Of Companies,
100, Everest, Marine Drive, Mumbai- 400002.
Phone: 022-22812627/22020295/22846954

Fax: 022-22811977, Email:

Contact link:

Information and Facilitation Center,
Garage No.14, “A” Wing, Shastri Bhawan,
Rajendra Prasad Road, New Delhi – 110001.
Phone : 011-23386110.




  • You are eligible to register a firm or company in India, if you are a
    • Indian origin or a
    • NRI (Non-Resident Indian)
    • PIO (Person of Indian Origin)
    • OCI (Overseas Citizenship India)






  • The approved company name should be submitted before incorporation or within 6 months of the name being made available.
  • The registration of a firm is valid forever until the government has any changes to incorporate.


Processing Time:


After obtaining the name approval, it normally takes approximately two to three weeks to incorporate a company depending on where the company is registered.


Required Information:

  • Name of the firm
  • Duration of the firm
  • Principal place of business
  • Partners name
  • Permanent address
  • Date of joining
  • Remarks


Need for the Document:

  • Private Limited Company is the most prevalent and popular type of corporate legal entity in India. To register a private limited company, a minimum of 2 shareholders and 2 directors are required. Foreign nationals, corporate entities or NRIs are allowed to be Directors and/or Shareholders of a Company with Foreign Direct Investment, making it the preferred choice of entity for foreign promoters.
  • The Companies Act of 1956 sets down rules for the establishment of both public and private companies. In India any business can be registered with the Government in order to get contract work from the Government and other bodies where a registered company is entitled to do sub-contract or contract work.
  • Registration of company will help in curbing formation of another company in same name. This registration will help government to collect tax from the right owner. Also, in case of penalising, the registration helps in identifying the right person.